HeLlo thEre wOrld!

My naMe is RagamuFfin Lewis anD Im 2 and ¾ Years old. Iv had a dogz life so FAr, espeshaLly as a puppy! evry dAy is such an Advenchure. I remEmBer wen I woS 8 weeks oLd and I left My bruvers and sIsters to sTaRt my bigGEst advenchure yeT! It wos then thaAt I firST met Mummy FIona. She took me hoMe in the car aNd intraduceD me too AlL of mY nu faMily.

Since thEn Iv grown up a bit, But I still gEt up too all Sortz Of fUn wiv My frIeNds. MumMy FioNa haz A frieNd I meT the ovver dAy callEd Ellie. Shez mY friend nOw. Iv allWAys wunDered hOw I Cud teLl my story and weN I told EllIe shE seD she cuD hElp. She iZ teacHing me to uze A computeR, wIch is gReat cos Iv alWAys liked the lOOk of theM. Itz not as eezy As it looks… I dont think kEyboArds were made foR paws. SomEtiMes my paWs hit the ronG lettErs and I spell sUmething rElly silly. That Makes us lAugh!

cRikeY tHis lOoks cOnfuzIng!

We hav to be careful Tho becus we cant let Mummy Fiona no wat Im up to. I made Ellie sWear she wudnt tell. Becus she alwiz wonts me to be a good boy and sometims I like to be norty. I love Mummy verry much, and she iz lots of fun. She can frow a bawl really really far, but she haz no idear aboUt computers and thE interneT. Itz a shaMe. I fink iTs becaUse shEz so oLd. You caNt no evvrYfing cAn you!

GettiNg tO LiKe my ProFile

IM verry eXcitEd to tell yOu all AboUt wat I get up to. HoPefully we can be friendS too. Anyway, thats all foR now. Im really pOoped from minE nd Mummy Fionas paRty this weeKend. All mY friends cAme to play, aNd sum of MuMmy Fionas too. WaT a weEkeNd!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 08.05.49
Wat a ParTy! DreSsiNg Up SeemEd liKE such A goOd iDeA aT tHe tIme…
Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 08.05.19
mY favorite seCrit sAnTa PresEnT!


Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 08.05.29
tO Be oNest eveRyything gOt a Bit bLuRrY afTer Buster StArTed hiS PartY TriKs

Bak tO my beD fOr me!


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