Wat a buzy few weeks…

Thank u evryone fr reeding my blog nd Facebook page.  I’m allso on Twitter nd Instagram. Aunty Ellie iz teaching me sum nu things too do on the computr as Mum sez I’m botom of my class at speling… bt I am top at ball chaseing! Mum sez spelin iz mor importnt, but I disagree. Ellie is introducing me to sumthing calld ‘Spell Check’, so hopefuly I will git a gold star in speling soon to. But its so triky!

I’v had an amasing few weeks.

Mummy sed I needed too send out mi own Christmas card this yr az I am a big boy now nd that I needed to make it miself. Realli! Hav u herd of anythin so ridiculous az a dog makin his own Christmas card?  As mi Uncle David sez to Mummy: “Fiona, Ragamuffin nos he iz a dog… but do you no that he iz a dog?”

Neway, I contactd Aunty Ellie with my predicament az she nos lots of stuf.  She sugested I get mi photo takn and then wiv the help ov a computer I cud put in a bakgrond ov one ov my favrite walks behind me.  I thought of mi fiend Stu and he sed he cud do it, so I went along too Maniac films studio wher he werks and we had such a laff dresing up nd taking fotos. Then we went upstairs nd he showd me how the card wud look and sed I cud say if it woz wat I wanted, I sure did. Wat do you think?

The finished product! Fab isn’t it!

On the Sunday befor Christmas we traveld to Camberley, we stayed in a nic hotel nd went out for lunch wit sum of Mum’s fiends nd we went for a walk and I met a new fiend calld Mia who folowd me arownd and we played nd had a gd time.

Hotel Camberley
Me outside the fancy hotel for dogs.. and people!
Mia and me
Me nd mi new fiend Mia!

On Tuesday we went too our fiends hows where Mum is Godmother to Thomas nd Isobel and I am theyr Dogfather, it’s quite a lot ov responsibility nd they r teachin mee nu gamez.

The next day we traveled too Sandringham wheyr the Queen haz a verry big hows but we did not stay wiv her we stayed wiv Uncle Dick, Aunty Jayne and Cousin George who haz the same naym as Prince George as hiz last name iz Windsor. He sed they were related, but I’m not so sure az he dusn’t look much lyk him… 

He tuk me owt in to the Queen’s gardn nd we played lots.

In HM garden.JPG
“All this fun is exhausting!!”

Christmas Day wos very, very exciting, Mum went to Church with the Royal famly and she cud sea them all. She sed because we beleeve in God it wos very special to sey prays with the Queen nd Mum sed she sed prayers for me and I think it workd cos I had lots ov presentz.  I also met a new fiend Talib who showd me sum new games nd wached sum of my films and likd them. Mum is goin to put them on YouTube in March.

I ave to go now cos Mum is calin me too go for a walk. But I’ll be on Facebook nd Twitter nd Instagram in the mean time, so keep in tuch!

Until next time fiends.

One thought on “Wat a buzy few weeks…

  1. what adventures you’ve had!! Lucky!! My mum went to the Queens other house, castle something (your friens name I think) she helped her do something after the bad fire. She saw a corgi running round the house and sniffing round expensive paintings that were on the floor because of the fire.


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