A Fun Week with Fiends!

Hello again evrybody! Mum is very surprised but pleased I’m doing so wel with my spelling, she doesn’t no that Auntie Ellie is helpin me an that I’m using spell check… which I think she mite think is cheating! Never mind, it givs me more time for ball chasing. Now let me finnish telling you about my Christmas nd the adventures I had this week:

Mum went to Church with the Royal family again on Sunday 27th December, she wos very happy and I had lots of games with George in the Queens gardn which I actually think is more fun than Church, but I’m not sure if I’m meant to say that. I go to Church evry Sunday wiv my Mum in a Church near us but I usually just fall asleep.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.33.01.png

We travelled back home on Wednesday 30th just in time for New Year! But I didn’t do anything on New Year’s eve as we were so tired from all the parties we had been too at Auntie Jayne’s hows. We did however go for a lovely walk witch I think Mum really enjoyed I know I did, although we did get a bit wet.

This week we went up too sea my horse fiend CoCo. CoCo nd I are good fiends and she kisses me and says hello.  Mum went riding, although it seems to me as if they just go round nd round in circls most of the time and I just have to sit nd watch which is a bit boreing.  There is a new dog at the stables called Doug, he is just a puppy nd quite anoying as he won’t leave me alone so I ad to tell him off. The gd thing about seeing CoCo is that Croyde beach is nearby and I’m aloud to play on it. I love the beach!

Coco and Ragamuffin

We went round to my girl fiend Moja’s hows and we had lunch together.  Our fiend Buster wos there but luckily he wos much better behaved than at my partie. Auntie Wendy has a bird calld Thomas, which is funy because she is a girl bird nd she lays eggs, weird!  She is very ANNOYING and squawks and I think she is saying rude things to me as she tries to take my dog treets and she pecks me on the botom!  We had a good time and had sum cup cakes. The humans chatted and chatted, goodness nos what they find to talk about, although we dogs hear our names mentioned a lot.

Thomas the Bird

Mum was sad when one of her favourite singers died, David Bowie, people have said I look like David Bowie because of our eyes.

I tried to cheer her up with a song nd it made her smile and she patted my hed so I was happy. Here is a video of me singin, wat do you think?

I was very il on Friday night nd my tumy exploded and I made a very bad mess in our bedroom.  I was ashamed nd sat in the corner but Mum sed it was not my fault and we wud see the vet in the morning.  The vet wos nice and took my temperature… which I did not like at all. The vet sed that there was a virus going round and one dog died but he was a very old dog and I  did not have to worry because I was very fit and heathy.  We had to sleep in the sitting room and I had to stay in all day Saturday but I was allowed to watch television, which was excellent!

Mum said I hav to make a New Years Resolution so I said I wantd to play with more balls nd have more walks and eat more chicken.  Mum said that wos rather selfish so I said I know I will give all the treats I don’t like too poor dogs in the Dog’s Trust.  Mum sed okay not exactly wot she had in mind but along the rite lines, at least I was sharing. Do u have any New Years resolutions? Have u managed to keep them? Let me know on my Facebook page or on Twitter!

Think it’s time I wrap up guys, Mum is getting suspicious because I keep sneaking off. Don’t worry, she’ll never guess!

Until next time fiends!

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