Poor Mum caught my illness and wosn’t at all well and culd not even get out of bed on Tuesday except to go to the toilet, where she spent a lot of time! I thought perhaps I shud take her to the vet, but she didn’t want too go. Anyway, Moja’s mum pickd me up and took me to the beach with Moja nd Spock, which was good fun, although I was very tired by the end.  Then I went back to Moja’s house and played there for a while nd wudn’t you know it, that pesky bird Thomas pecked me on the bottom AGAIN.

Mum did get beter through the week but it was quite boring as we didn’t go out as much as usual, so I spent lots of time on Mum’s computer. I saw there wos lots of people posting photos of them when they were younger, Auntie Ellie sed this was because it was #WayBackWeek. Mum has lots of photos of me when I was younger so I thought it would be fun to look through a few.



Ragamuffin 3 week 1s.jpegI was only 3 weeks old with this one.

This video is of me playing with my brothers and sister, I think I might be 4 weeks old.

Here I was 5 weeks old nd had my first bath, I did not like it.

Ragamuffin 5 weeks 1

This is wen I was 8 weeks old and got to Mum’s house.

In Mum’s office she kept talkin about YouTube nd I wundered if this was it, she kept making me chase it!


Gotta go I think my fiend has come to play, he’s a philosopher! Show me your #WayBackWeek photos on Facebook or Twitter.

fiends come to play

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