A Sticky Situation

I wos very worried becuse I learnt in the news that it is very bad to throw sticks for us dogs as they can get stuck in our throats and sticks can stab you if you run into them and it is very painful indeed.  Also if you chu on sticks you can get splinters in your tongue and in your tummy. Ouch! Then you hav to go to the vet and hav an operation. Labradors and border collies are the most likly to get injuries, becos we ar very fast runners and enjoy playing fetch.

In fact I was teling my fiend Poppy and she told me she got a stick in her throat and wos not at all well and had to go to the vet, but her Mum nd Dad looked after her and she is better.  The vet says it is worth swiching to balls or squeaky toys, which is okay cause Poppy likes playing with a ball evn more than sticks especially now.

Poppy’s Mum nd Dad looking after her.

Mum taught me how to play with a squeaky wen I was just a very yung pup it is very easy to learn and very good fun, look I’ll show you.

Mum had our fiends rond and we watched sum films together nd all ate treats.  Mum sed we were a distraction but I don’t understand why.


Thumbelina wos very naughty as usual and tryd to eat my bone, she did not see me comin and I told her off and then she movd like lightning and we could not even take a photo of all of her.

I hav been practicing my runing lots and I am verry excited for the Olympics later on in the year. It will be in Brazil and I realy want to go but Mum ses dogs can’t compete and I don’t think that is very fair. Next week I’ll tell you all about my training ready for the Olympics.

Mum has to go to London for work next week so I will go to my girlfiend Moja’s hows for a little while as Aunty Wendy will look after me. I better go and pack my bag!

Until next time fiends!

R x

R at Wendy's
Me and my girlfiend Moja

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