Going for Gold in Brazil

It’s been a busy week for Mum and me. She did lots of work in London so I stayed with Aunty Wendy and my girlfiend Moja. I showed Moja what I have learnt at my agility training, I think she was impressed! She told me all about the Olympics which are on later this year in Brazil in a place called Rio De Janeiro. I think that I am fast enough to compete but Aunty Wendy told me dogs weren’t allowed, only humans which I think is very unfair. I bet it’s just because they know I’d win.

Agility training.JPG

My favourite is hurdles because I can jump really high and run really fast at the same time. In the Olympics they only do hurdles, but I can go through tunnels too. It took me a few goes to learn but border collies like me are really speedy learners.

It is very important to make sure you warm up before and cool down after exercise because otherwise it can hurt you. I like to do a gentle lap around the course to get my heart rate up before I run round because it is better for you. It means I can do more and run even faster! When we get home I stretch out all my legs to keep them flexible and drink lots of water. I saw the athletes do that on the telly so it must be good for me.

Keep up Mum!

When Mum gets back from London I’m going to ask if we can go to the Olympics in Brazil. Do you know anyone who I could stay with or any nice places to visit? I don’t think I would like to fly all the way there though. Maybe I will just compete at home in England and win lots of gold medals here instead! Have you ever been to Brazil or had any good adventures there?

I also really like swimming and I am very good at it. My favourite is swimming in the sea because I live so close to it. It is very cold some days but if you keep moving it doesn’t feel so bad. I like it best when mum throws the ball in the water and I have to go on a search and rescue mission to find it. But I don’t think they have an event like that in the Olympics yet, do they? They should!

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Ellie is really proud of me because I have finally got the hang of spellcheck, apart from the odd mistake here and there. This social media stuff is quite easy once you get a bit of practise.

I have a fab week planned! I’m going to see my fiend George again where the Queen’s house is and have lots of adventures in London. I’ll let you know what I get up to! What are you doing this week? Remember to make pancakes on Tuesday and then you can send me your pancake photos on Facebook or Instagram!

Until next time fiends

R x

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