Rolls Royce, Roche and Recording Studios

Hi Fiends…another amazing week, I really am a lucky dog.

On Saturday we went to see Thomas and Isobel, my Mum is their Godmother and I am their Dogfather which means we have to help look after them, but they do have very good parents.  They are very nice and we play together.  It was their Grandfather’s birthday so we had a party.


I had lots of lovely walks and there was a deer who followed me, I think he wanted to play ball but didn’t know how. Then we went to a place that had lots of geese and when I went to get the ball they all squawked together and went to fly in the air, I got a bit of a shock but I’m glad I’m so masterful.

On Monday and Tuesday we had very, very exciting days because Mum and I are making some films about my adventures from when I was born and they will be shown on YouTube.  Daniel Roche who is very famous and was in Outnumbered, is my voice because humans don’t understand everything I say, so Daniel is speaking for me. Daniel and I have looked at what I wanted to say and then he did the speaking for me, he is very good and is nice and has lots of dogs of his own, so I think he understands us.


We did the recording at Elstree which is a very famous film studios so I was very impressed and they recorded Star Wars there!  One day maybe I will be famous too.

George Lucas Stage

I also had to help with the recording, which I enjoyed.

R sound mixing

We went out in London with Roz who is Buster’s Mum and walked across Waterloo Bridge and went to Joe Allen’s again for dinner, I like it there very much and they gave me a sausage.

Version 2

Although I had a great time, it is always nice to get home and see my fiends, and good to see that Buster is still up to his old tricks!!!

Until next time fiends

R x

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