Moja, Buster and Mischief!

Hi Fiends

Living in Ilfracombe is wonderful ,especially when the weather is so sunny and we can now get up early in the mornings as it’s getting lighter.  I am slightly worried because I was away in London for quite along time which I think might have made Moja (my girlfiend) a bit cross with me, she seems less interested in playing.  I took her out and tried to woo her in front of the full moon but I’m not sure it worked, any ideas, fellow fiends?



worried about Moja
I’ve been very worried about my girlfiend Moja

Anyway Mum helped me take my mind off the Moja problem by taking me to the beach in Croyde and we played and played, I let Mum throw the ball for me for hour after hour she does enjoy it, it’s good to see her so happy. Sometimes I think she really believes she’s just doing it for my benefit, Mums can be silly!  Also I did have to pose for photos, she loves taking photos.


Talking of photos, I becoming more worried about Moja as she is spending a lot of time with Buster and I’m very sorry to say I caught Buster red handed pinching a string ball, now whilst I do have great sympathy with anyone who wants to get hold of a ball, string or not, it’s still wrong to steal. Last week I caught Buster trying to take Mum’s handbag from the boat and he told me he was just trying to put it back and I believed him because the thing about Buster is he can tell a very convincing story. I just hope Buster isn’t leading Moja astray with his wily ways.

We’re off travelling again on Monday morning as we need to finish The Adventures of Ragamuffin films we are making and we will be seeing Auntie Alexa and I have a new cousin called Scooby Doo but he is just a puppy and puppies do tend to get in your face, never mind I’m sure he is a very good little puppy although I hope Mum doesn’t go all gooey over him, because that is just EMBARRASSING!

Will let you know how it goes Fiends.

Until next time, love

R x

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