A Very Guilty Dog

Hi fiends, this week was brilliant!


Last Sunday I met a Bishop who was great, her name is Bishop Sarah and she was very kind to me and all the people there.  She gave a very good sermon about how sometimes mothers, like Mary mother of Jesus, have to give their children away even though they don’t want to, but they only do it because they think the children will have a better life. In Mary’s case she had to give Jesus away so we can all have a better life.  I know that feeling because my first mummy was great but she couldn’t keep me and now I have Mummy Fiona and although I have to do training which sometimes is quite boring but most of the time is pretty fun, the rest of the time I play with my fiends on the hills and beach and chase the ball.

Buster stealing my ball thrower

Which unfortunately brings me on to Buster again, he is my fiend but yesterday, he only went and stole my ball thrower! And if that wasn’t enough he bit it in 2 parts so I could not use it. I was not happy!

yep he broke it

His Mum Roz made him go and buy another one with his own pocket money and he said he was sorry but I’m not sure I believe him because the new one had bite marks on too.




Now really exciting: my own YouTube channel is live so you can see my first trailer now and the second is out on Sunday afternoon (13/03/16). I really hope you watch them. Let me know what you think!


Until next time fiends


R x

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