The Countdown has Begun…

Hi Fiends…A very busy week!

I went to see my fiend Stu again at Maniac Films and we had to do a photoshoot inside the studio and outside as my Auntie Xenia had this great idea that we should do a count down to my launch at Elstree.

I like Auntie Xenia as everything I do with her involves food.  She was the one that took the photos of me eating sausages at Joe Allen’s! Anyway we started off very well because it involved wrapping me up in 20 sausages which I have to say is one of my favourite ways to start the day.


20-days-bts-small20 days-3

I had to show great restraint mind you, as I wasn’t allowed to eat them till we had taken the photo although honestly, I did nibble a little one in front of my nose when they weren’t looking.  The business cards shoot wasn’t so much fun as I couldn’t play with the ball but I did manage to get a text off to Moja and Buster, who were very jealous.

18 days final-v3

All I can say is it was a good job Buster wasn’t there as he would have run out the door with the string of sausages trailing behind him.  We then moved on to biscuits, dog toys and bacon, well I could get used to this. Auntie Xenia please keep coming up with ideas, I have kept you a sausage as a thank you, although it’s a bit muddy now.

17 days-final

16 days-final

I did manage to get a break from the shoot for lunch where I met with my fiend and we played the fruit machine, but did not win anything.

Fruit machine

We went outside and I had to sit at the bottom of a cliff and Mum threw 19 balls off the top and I had to try and catch them which was brilliant fun.  We had to do it lots of times and I had to run back up the cliff with them so Mum could throw them off again and again as she wasn’t very good at it.   I can’t understand it, it’s not as though I don’t give her plenty of practice.

19 days-resize2

I will tell you about the rest of the shoot next week as some very funny things happened. Now we are getting ready to go off to London again as we have some meetings at Elstree next week.

Goodbye Fiends and please keep watching! Let me know what you think on Facebook!

R x

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