Chicks, Rabbits and Easter Fun!

Hi Fiends!

I’m working very hard towards my film launch at Elstree and Mum is helping too, we have lots of things to do to get ready.  I thought this week I’d share with you some of the behind the scenes photos of the countdown pictures.

15 days to go was rashers of bacon – well that was one of my favourites.  I pretended not to understand what I must do so Mum had to ask Stu to take the shot lots of times so I got lots of bacon.  I had employed this technique on both the sausage and biscuit shots and found it to be most successful.


To be honest after all that bacon, sausages and biscuits the thought of eating 11 bones was just a little daunting!!


11 days to go

By the time we got onto 10 rabbits I’d no idea what Mum wanted me to do, so I came up with the idea about fat Peter rabbit who got all the radishes.

Then it was time for the chicks, well they wind up and try and come towards you all at once and it’s a bit unnerving so I thought I’d give them a little scare, but they kept a coming.Mum and Stu thought this video was really funny, me not so much.


There is a new trailer this Sunday, then on the 3rd of April my first films comes out and on the 4th its my launch at Elstree with lots of people and dogs. All exciting stuff, I hope you keep an eye out!

Bye fiends, till next time!

R x

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