Indiana Bones, Bark Vader and a Doggywok

Hi Fiends

I’ve been showing my countdown pictures this week and last Sunday it was 8 spring lambs but I’m ashamed to say I lost one and that is very bad if you are a sheep dog, however we did eventually find her hidden amongst the sausages and managed to bring her back into the fold.


Yesterday my count down picture was of Mum and me in The Saint’s car, what Mum doesn’t realise is that I really am a Saint.


2 days to go


I’m exhausted as we spent 3 days with Stu at Maniac films and you’ll never guess what she had me doing! She only decided it would be fun to dress me up as characters who appear in the films they make at Elstree Studios, really she gets worse and worse. I was not impressed!

Indiana Bones:



Bark Vaderbark-vader



I didn’t get on very well with R2D2 I’m afraid.

Although I was pleased when I saw the final images and Mum did produce lots of liver treats.

We’ll be tweeting and instagramming, live from my launch on Monday 4th April so please have a look, and check Facebook too… I’ll have lots to tell you next week.

Bye fiends,  till next time!

R x

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