The Red Carpet Continued…

Hi Fiends

My last blog was delayed and a bit short as I was having some real technical difficulties and haven’t been at all well the past week. I even had to go and see the vet! Anyway I was a bit upset my last post didn’t turn out perfectly, so I thought I would deliver you the juicy gossip from the red carpet again, now that I feel better and without the technological blips! Here we go… !

Well what can I say, I had a fantastic week at my film launch at Elstree two weeks ago. It was amazing and so many of my lovely fiends came. Mum, Auntie Pip and I got to the studios at 9.00am to help prepare. I was rather nervous, what with it being only my second public appearance and to think of all those famous stars who went before me.

Some stars who have been at Elstree Studios before me:ewok-2indiana-bones-2superdog-1

It took Mum quite some time to get me ready. I thought I looked fine as I was, but you know Mothers, one tiny hair out of place and they go straight for the hairbrush.  I was very flattered to have my own dressing room, I let Mum share it and also George Olney who was our interviewer. Mum made him change his clothes but he didn’t mind as he was in good company.

When it was time to go everybody was there waiting just for me to arrive. George interviewed some of my special guests and fiends like Buster. Here are a couple:

Well, I got to walk up the red carpet and Mum said whatever happens don’t pee on it, as if I would, honestly Mum you can be so embarrassing.

Wow! When we went in everybody clapped and cheered and said my name and I said hi to some of my fiends, but I was really nervous and overwhelmed so I couldn’t deliver my speech that I worked so hard on! Mum did it for me and said it didn’t matter, lots of famous people get stage fright.  The important thing is to try.

I’ll show you what Daniel Roche had to say next week and tell you what I’ve been getting up to. Be sure to check out my YouTube page in the meantime, it has a few of my episodes on already!


Thanks fiends, till next time!

R x

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