The Queen

Hi Fiends

Have you seen my latest episode on YouTube yet? Take a look… and let me know what you think I was really trying to eat!

We want to honour the Queen and say a very Happy Birthday.  We think the Royal Family are great and the Queen particularly, how can anyone live to be 90 years old and not be grumpy, yet she always smiles!  Mum can be grumpy at the littlest thing. In dog years her Majesty is 630, wow!

To honour the Queen, I thought I’d show you some more of our photos when we were at Sandringham because we love it there.  This is me with George and the other Mrs. Windsor, my Auntie Jayne Windsor.


I really enjoy playing with George in Her Majesty’s garden, not sure who has the longest tongue, I mean between George and me obviously.


The Queen’s garden is so beautiful and Mum says the sun shines on the righteous so that must mean the Queen and me, dear blog fiends what does righteous mean?.

Auntie Jayne talked about me at my film launch and about the Queen when we last visited. Although I wasn’t allowed to go into the Church and had to watch from the window, later on Prince Philip spotted me, I was very flattered that he recognised me.


I’m having a very important birthday too on April 28th I will be 3 or in human years 21, I can’t wait I hope Mum has organised a party for me.

Let you know next time my Fiends

R x

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