Cousins, Castles and Cuddles

Hi Fiends

Mum always says time goes faster as you get older, and doesn’t it just, now that I am 3 years old it’s just flying by.

We were travelling again in the week and stayed with my Uncle David and Auntie Virgie in Chapmanslade, we met up with Auntie Carolyn and my cousin Henry, who I just met, I didn’t even know he was my cousin!! and we had a lovely time in a place called Mells.  Henry is such good fun.

Then we went to see our good fiends Auntie Jules and cousin Rufus and stayed in Arundel by the castle and we had some lovely walks, they know how to treat dogs in Arundel.

mum wants to stay at the castle

I think Mum would have liked to stay in the castle but we weren’t invited.  Mum says that in olden days if you were ‘invited’ to stay in the castle it wasn’t necessarily a good thing but I didn’t understand, which goes for so much of what she says.  Anyway I was very, very happy to stay at the Swan Hotel where they love dogs and I had lots of biscuits and sausages for breakfast and they all like cuddles.

Version 2

Apparently some experts think dogs don’t like hugs I think this is rubbish, I mean it worked out ok for these 2! And works for us 2.

We met with Auntie Alexa and she sang me a beautiful song for my birthday which was on Thursday.

I’m so happy because I’m having my Birthday party on Sunday with all my fiends so I can show you what happened next week, should be fun!

Until then here is my most recent YouTube video, what do you think my cat fiend is called?

R x

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