Birthdays and Baking

Hi Fiends!

I had the most amazing 3rd Birthday party last weekend! Mum and I made a cake that was extra special because it is okay for dogs. It was very yummy indeed!

Cake for everyoneguestsBirthday Cake

I got to dance with all my fiends. I let Mum invite her fiends too because I wanted her to have a really great time too, but they couldn’t eat my cake. I felt very special and lucky to have such wonderful fiends. Have you made cakes and celebrated your pet’s birthday before? I loved licking the spoon, it’s the best bit isn’t it!?

Cake Making

I am so lucky, I got lots of presents too! Birthdays are GREAT! Mum had to give me a hand to open them though.


I loved the news that Prince George (the real one, not my fiend George Windsor) and Princess Charlotte have a pet! I think they should’ve got a dog personally, but a hamster is fun too, although they can’t play fetch which is a shame. Maybe when they get older they will have a pet dog too.

Anyway fiends, I have to go now, but I will let you know what I’m up to next week. In the mean time keep your eyes peeled for my YouTube videos. Grandmas are great, what’s the best thing about your Grandma?


Until next time fiends,

R x

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