Bouncy balls and Record Breakers

Hello fiends!

This week I have been enjoying some time off with Mummy Fiona in Ilfracombe. I had another look through my photo albums in my free time and looking at how cute I was when I was little! I have always loved to play catch and fetch with my ball, but it took me a while to get the hang of it as you can see


Now I can chase the ball even when it goes really far… but I need a little help from my fiends.


I also used to find swimming really hard, because the water can be chilly and it makes my fur very wet.

Ragamuffin 1

But now I am almost as good as a fish at swimming, I guess practise makes perfect! Ilfracombe is a great place to live because it is right by the sea.

This week in the news I saw that a sheep dog called Cap sold for lots and lots of money at auction! A new record of £14,805! It was because he was so well bred, I think his dad might have been a champion sheep dog. He is going to be a working dog on a farm. I haven’t asked Mummy Fiona, but I think to her I am worth even more… even though I can’t herd sheep. I can pretend to be Indiana Jones and that is almost better.


If you want to know more about Cap, have a look at this article from the BBC! He is almost as famous as me.

My new video will be up soon. Have you seen the one from last week? What is your most favourite toy? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

Until next week fiends!

R x

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