Viral Videos and Police Dog Trials

Hi fiends

What have you been up to this week? The weather has not been very nice in North Devon so I’ve been on a few very rainy walks. Some fiends in Ilfracombe even recognised me and came to say hello, which made me very happy.

I laughed and laughed on Friday when I saw the funniest video of a lady trying on a Chewbacca mask. Have you seen it? I think it really suits her and she is so happy… much happier than fancy dress made me when I dressed as an ewok.


At the time of writing her video had over 106 MILLION views. That is lots and lots! My videos don’t get quite that many yet, maybe I should take some tips from her.

I read an article on Belfast Live about the National Police Dog Trials which are coming up on Friday. Working dogs are so amazing! The article talks about how the canines make concise and clear decisions, which is true but I thought that was a bit obvious. I make decisions all the time! Like will I give Mum the ball back? Shall I meet Moja for a walk? Should I steal the last bit of pizza? Normally I make good decisions, but Police Dogs can’t ever make the wrong decision otherwise people can get hurt.

I was pleased they still get to chase bouncy balls after training though. They also live with their handlers so although these dogs might look a bit scarier than me, they are just as loving and well looked after.

My new video will be up on Sunday evening as usual, and you can catch up on any you’ve missed on my YouTube page. Last week’s video was about when I met my neighbours, what do you think I was talking about with Skip?

Anyway, enough from me. It’s briefly stopped raining so I’ll go for a run around in the fresh air before it starts up again.

Until next time fiends,

R x


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