Wild thing?

Hi fiends! What a lovely week it’s been, I hope you made the most of the bank holiday last week too. Hasn’t June snuck up on us! But making the most of the light evenings is my most favourite thing about this time of year.

I went to Larkstone Family Fun Day and played ball with a few of my fiends over the bank holiday weekend which was great. I also had a very yummy ice cream, that was a bit cheeky.

This morning I was reading the news on my computer and I came across an interesting article about when dogs were domesticated (that means kept as pets). Of course we all know we are descendants of wolves because we look very similar. But the old DNA found in a stone age dog’s bones suggests that maybe us dogs were domesticated at different times across the world.

I couldn’t imagine not living where I do now and not having my own bed. What would it be like to sleep outside all the time? It can be very chilly in Ilfracombe in the winter so I imagine I wouldn’t like it very much. And if I didn’t live with Mummy Fiona who would throw the ball for me?!

Here is my video from last week, I was a bit hungry! I guess that just proves I wouldn’t be very good in the wild, having to fend for myself and things.

Shoes can be very smelly! It was almost as bad as the time I snuck a bit off cheese off of Mum’s plate. What is the most smelly thing you have ever smelt? Let me know on Facebook and I’ll mention it next week… I might even go and smell it myself to see if you’re right.

My new video will be up later, so keep an eye out. And until next week you can keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram too.

Until next time fiends!

R x

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