30 Days Wild

Hi fiends! Have you had a good week out in the sunshine? I hope you haven’t been working too hard.

I have been busy with an extra special challenge from the Wildlife Trusts who have a #30DaysWild challenge going on for the whole of June.

buttercup bliss

I am 12 days in as of today and have been having a fantastic time. I normally go on a walk once or twice a day anyway, but I have been paying lots more attention to all the wildlife and habitats around me. The Wildlife Trusts have also provided me with lots of fun facts and things to encourage me.

Did you know…?

There are more than 600 species of spider in Britain

Every adult hedgehog has around 7000spines covering its back and sides

Underneath their stripes, Zebras have black skin! So I guess that means they are black with white stripes.

Pandas spend as much as 16 hours a day eating

Tigers have striped skin as well as striped fur to keep themselves fully camouflaged

Starfish don’t have blood, seawater runs through them

Orangutans are ticklish!

Octopuses have nine brains! One in their centre and one in each leg.


But you probably won’t get the chance to see an octopus or a panda or any very very wild animals. You might get to see some insects or birds of prey! I see lots of exciting animals and their homes on my walks. I’ve even swum with fishes off the shore at Ilfracombe and taken a dip in the reservoir.


As you can see I haven’t spent much time inside recently, only to write this blog!


If you fancy giving the challenge a go, take a look here. You might have missed a few days but it doesn’t matter, as long as you give it a try!

Send me your photos and let me know what you discover on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Until next time fiends

R x

P.S My new video will be out today, you can find it here.


Here is last weeks if you missed it!

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