A Barking Mad Week

Hello there fiends!

I have had a super week this week going out and about and continuing my #30dayswild challenge.

It was also take your dog to work day this week, on 24th June, and I loved seeing lots of posts on Twitter of fiends at work with their mums and dads.

Look how happy these fiends make people as part of their jobs…

I wonder if these fiends all get free ice cream! YUM!

And I don’t think this fiend was qualified enough for the job. Eyes on the road!

I usually go along with Mum to give her a hand, but I decided to get a bit of work done myself and started painting a masterpiece. I could get used to this ‘work’ business.

dogs to work.jpg

I loved the trend this week of #DogsAtPollingStations because I thought it was a shame that we could not vote and so it was nice to see we were supporting our fiends who could!





And to top off a fabulous week of doggy news, did you see the video of this French fiend having a few snacks? He was caught on CCTV by his dad. It made me laugh lots!

This week I will be very busy, keep an eye on my YouTube page for my next video and don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll be posting lots more photos to Instagram too and of course there will be my regular updates on Facebook too.

Did you take your dog to vote this week? Or maybe they popped into work with you? I would love to see any photos you might have. You can send them to me on Facebook!

Have a great week fiends!
Until next time

R x

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