Deliciousness in a Bowl!

Hello fiends,

Another busy week, with a visit to the vet included! I’ll tell you more about that soon so, keep checking in.

I had a great, and delicious, surprise a few weeks ago:  Mum received an email from someone, called Miriam, at a public relations company. She’d seen me on Twitter and thought I might be a good candidate to test a new dog food called: Cuffleberry. I thought it was pretty cool and Mum was up for the idea so, we said yes and Miriam arranged for it to be sent to us.


The little company that make it, Cuffleberry & Co like to check us dogs really like it. I’m ready for taste testing anytime…. anywhere!

Cuffleberry is a funny name and didn’t make us think of food, except maybe the ‘berry’ bit, Mary Berry, of course!!  Didn’t really think she would work there though as, she’s very busy already – it’s actually the nickname of a special dog that the folk up at Cuffleberry & Co know.

Hmm, wonder if they’d like to call their next new food: ‘Ragamuffin’, might suggest that to Miriam.



Our surprise arrived, a fantastic hamper filled with different Cuffleberry flavours. Honestly, I couldn’t wait and snaffled it without waiting for it touch my bowl! Mum wouldn’t normally let me do that but, on this occasion she relented. She could see I loved it, good old mum.



It smelt fantastic and tasted great – sometimes I’m a bit fussy but, this really was delicious.


My girlfiend Moja came over to try some too. She has the finest taste in everything (including me). We voted our favourites as: Venison, Duck, Cranberry & Green Beans in a Herb Gravy and the lovely Beef, Venison, Apricots & Green Beans with Herbs as our faves……though we might change our minds and include the Pork, Ham, Apple & Celery with Herbs…. there’s so many to choose from!

Mum always checks the ingredients in my food and is always pretty careful about what I eat – specially when I pick things up off the pavement –  I always have to ‘leave it’.

She checked Cuffleberry and saw the nutritionists and chefs use only specially selected, superior ingredients, wow! The recipes can also include a pinch of aromatic herbs, juicy fruits or vegetables. They say it’s all restaurant quality – I’m going to tell them all about it next time we go to Joe Allen, my favourite restaurant.

And we saw that the nice Cuffleberry &Co folk have 50 years’ experience so, know a thing or two about what cats and dogs like. (Fifty years – that’s long!!)

What a brilliant surprise it was to be picked as a taste tester – it really was a delicious experience!


Till next time.


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