Cool to be Kind

Hello fiends

It’s been a funny old week –  folk, for all sorts of reasons, have been thinking about family and fiends they love. And thinking about other people, children and us dogs, even if they don’t know them.

We had Poppy Day, things about stopping bullying (specially children) and I’m pretty sure you heard about Walk with Walnut.

Being kind is one of the best things we can all do and it’s nice when others are kind to us…. it doesn’t have to involve treats – kind words, a smile, a hug, a pat or even a high five (or paws) can make someone and you feel better or special.



There were lots of discussions about how to stop kids being unkind to each other – especially when they do it using Facebook or the other chatting app. s. If you ever feel like this is happening to you; speak to someone about it right away, mum or dad or an auntie maybe, even a teacher you like – they’ll help you do all the right things and feel better.



There was also: “Walk with Walnut” an event which started off very small then snowballed literally all around the world!!  Walnut was a dog who was very old and poorly – sadly her Dad, Mark, was having to take her for her last walk on Porth Beach before she went to the vet for the final time.


Mark decided to invite some friends and other dog walkers to go with them – to keep them both company on their sad day and to celebrate Walnuts long and happy life. He used Facebook and a ramblers group shared it and one by one loads of people saw it including, newspapers and television shows. Mark was interviewed on TV and written about in the papers and on-line about the walk – he shared his love for Walnut and how he wanted her last walk to be special.


On the day loads of dogs and their people turned up at the beach – people from all over the world sent messages and photos of their local Walks for Walnut and shared their support for Mark and his family. It was sad and happy to hear about all those thousands of people being kind. That’s a funny feeling to have – mums call it; ‘moving’ or ‘think I’ve got something in my eye’.


Mark had asked for support using Facebook and all those other media, newsy type things and people helped share his request and that shared other people’s kindness and sadness back to him and his family.


People wrote poems and there’s also a song recorded for Walnut by the Ethical record label where all the profits will go towards Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.


It’s cool to be kind.

Until next week fiends


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