Back to School

Hello fiends!

It’s that time of year again when we all buy new pencil cases, get our hair cut (or fur) and try on our uniforms only realise how much we’ve grown since July! It’s time to head back to school.

I’ve decided that I might give it a go this year, I know I am only three but that is 25 in human years so I think I am quite old enough to start my education! (you can see how old you are in dog years here)

I want to go into schools to help teach my younger fiends about how to look after animals, especially dogs! I will teach them things like not to leave us in hot cars or at home alone for too long and what food we can and can’t eat!



For example, here I am teaching a fiend that some drinks like fizzy pop aren’t good for dogs, we LOVE water just as it is.


I have already learned lots in my three years, like how to use a computer and drive a car… although I have needed help from my fiends. So I think it’s only time to return the favour.


What are you looking forward to learning about this year at school (or at work for the grown ups)? I have really enjoyed learning about how to use the computer and be safe on the internet in the last year, but this year, as you might have noticed, I have become quite interested in science. So I have decided to learn a little more about the world around us through science! I will share with you what I learn!


I hope this week isn’t too tough back at school fiends! And if you’re about to have your first day, have fun! It is so exciting.


Until next time fiends


R x

It’s a Dog’s Life: Dogs Around the World

Hi there fiends!

The olympics are off to a flying start, even if there have been a few troubles with the accommodation! I watched the swimming yesterday and there are athletes there who are even better at me at moving through the water. Although I still think it’s a pity there is no doggy paddle category.

reservoir 1

It got me thinking about how many people there are around the world, and the countries they live in… and more importantly the dog fiends in those countries! So I thought this week we could look at dogs around the world, starting with here in the UK.

British Dogs

We get treated very nicely here, I would recommend it to my fiends around the world. Just look at how Andy Murray treated his fiends Maggie May and Rusty when he won his Olympic medals…



America is a lot like here too. Dogs are considered pets and are looked after really well, although sometimes that does mean silly fancy dress!

American Dog

It’s a similar story in Italy and France…

However, life in India is very different for dog fiends, much like it can be for human fiends too! Dogs are found outside and on the streets much more, running wild and free with no scary trips to the vet’s! But this does mean sometimes their fur isn’t as shiny and they can get I’ll more easily. It makes me feel very lucky.

India Daily Life
Stray dogs surround an Indian roadside tea vendor as he reaches into a packet of cookies to feed them on a street in Allahabad , India, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

Did you know in Saudi Arabia the only way dogs can be kept in the home as ‘pets’ is if they are classed as working dogs!? You find working dogs all over the world, as guide dogs, hearing dogs, sheep dogs, police, drug sniffers, money sniffers and security dogs! Attitudes are changing all over the world, and China – who hosted the 2008 Olympics – are even beginning to keep dogs as pets, which is great because they were not that nice to dog fiends to say the least.

Chinese dogs

But my absolute favourite place for dog fiends to be is definitely Nepal. I think I’ll ask Mum to take me there for our holidays next year! They have a whole festival for animals each year and on the second day, known as Kukur Tihar or Khikchã Puja (meaning worship of the dogs), people place garlands, tika (a Hindu marking), and offer yummy foods to dogs to recognise the special relationship between humans and dogs.

They believe dogs are messengers of Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death, and so it is very important to treat them well. So remember that the next time you see me or one of my fiends!

dogs in Nepal 5

How do you spoil your pets? Do you live in a different country to me? What is it like? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

Until next time fiends

R x

Here Comes Rio 2016!

Hey fiends!

I hope you’ve all been appreciating the technology of Cat’s Eyes while driving about since last week’s blog. I’m looking forward to the week ahead, but I can’t believe that its August this week! July has flown by. I am quite excited though, because this Friday it is the Olympics Opening Ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

rio logo.jpgThis year rugby sevens is included in the games, which is great because it will really increase the profile of the sport and encourage youngsters to take it up! I have always been a rugby fan.

I’m also looking forward to watching the swimming, I have high hopes for team GB! I think I would be good enough to participate, but my butterfly isn’t yet strong enough… and there isn’t a category for dogs at the minute.

Great Britain always tend to do well in the equestrian events, so I’ve been giving that a go too this week.

hose ridI am also hoping that Andy Murray continues his winning streak in the Olympic tennis, sadly there won’t be any ball dogs at that event, only ball boys.



It makes me feel quite nostalgic because the last Olympics were, of course, here in England for the London 2012 games. I was just a twinkle in my mummy’s eyes then, but I have been seeing what I missed out on. The BBC have created a show about the 2012 opening ceremony that is really interesting and moving! You can watch it here.

james bond.gif

And if you fancy swatting up on the last opening ceremony, here are some fun facts from BuzzFeed that you can WOW your fiends with.

Brazil certainly have a tough act to follow… even if I am biased! But I am so looking forward to watching it and cheering on team GB! Who will you be cheering for? Are there any events you are really looking forward to? Do let me know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time fiends,

R x


The Secret Life of Pets

Hey Fiends!

It’s just starting to warm up and feel like summer here in England! So just an important reminder to slap on lots of sun cream and not leave your dog fiends in the car, we get awfully sweaty and it can be dangerous. mum wants to stay at the castle

Anyway, I wanted to go to the cinema this week because the Secret Life of Pets is out and I thought that would be right up my street!

I wasn’t allowed in to the cinemas near me, so I’ll wait for the DVD. But I wasn’t the only one who wants to watch it. In Tel Aviv, Israel, there is a roof top cinema where dogs can go with their fiends to watch films. This week they watched Secret Life of Pets. You can see the video here! It looks really fun.


Secret Life of Pets got me thinking of what you think we all get up to when you are out of the house, I know I do things Mum might be a bit surprised at – although she never leaves me for long. I can remember when I was a puppy and she said to all of her fiends that she would never let any dog of hers sit on her furniture or sleep on her bed. Hahaha! That didn’t last long!

R & T on bedNo dog of mine will ever be allowed on the furnitureRagamuffin

Well fiends, only a little blog this week I’m afraid as I want to get out in the sun! But you can expect exciting things coming from me this week!


Until next time fiends

R x

Wimbledon: Ball Boys vs Ball Dogs

Hello Fiends!

Thank you for all your kind words about my blog last week. I am glad it made you smile.

I have been watching Wimbledon this week, that is when it hasn’t been postponed due to rain! I love it because it includes my all-time favourite thing, bouncy balls!

The ball boys and girls are almost as good as me at fetching and letting go of the balls.

CroydeMolly 1 copyresv swim copyResv swim ball (2) copy

This got me thinking, I think I would make a pretty good ball boy. Although I’m not too sure about the caps they have to wear, I think I prefer my own hats.

It turns out, lots of other fiends have taken an interest in tennis recently. Take a look at these fiends on Twitter who were preparing for the French Open a couple of months ago.

And here are some fiends celebrating Wimbledon. Just look at all those strawberries!

Picture: Joe Pepler/ Rex

As it happens, Aukland in New Zealand have already thought about who would make the best ball boys and girls of all time. They had a little help from five time Wimbledon champion, Venus Williams…

I think the problem is I would get too distracted and want to join in with the game, so maybe it is best to leave it to the fabulous Ball Boys and Girls of Wimbledon!

My own videos are up on YouTube for you to watch now! Do show any younger fiends you might know who don’t know how to work computers. There will be a new one up later today, but for now you can watch last week’s. I went on a big day out! It was SUCH an adventure.

If you weren’t a dog, or couldn’t be for my human fiends out there, what animal would you be? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

Until next time fiends!

R x

30 Days Wild

Hi fiends! Have you had a good week out in the sunshine? I hope you haven’t been working too hard.

I have been busy with an extra special challenge from the Wildlife Trusts who have a #30DaysWild challenge going on for the whole of June.

buttercup bliss

I am 12 days in as of today and have been having a fantastic time. I normally go on a walk once or twice a day anyway, but I have been paying lots more attention to all the wildlife and habitats around me. The Wildlife Trusts have also provided me with lots of fun facts and things to encourage me.

Did you know…?

There are more than 600 species of spider in Britain

Every adult hedgehog has around 7000spines covering its back and sides

Underneath their stripes, Zebras have black skin! So I guess that means they are black with white stripes.

Pandas spend as much as 16 hours a day eating

Tigers have striped skin as well as striped fur to keep themselves fully camouflaged

Starfish don’t have blood, seawater runs through them

Orangutans are ticklish!

Octopuses have nine brains! One in their centre and one in each leg.


But you probably won’t get the chance to see an octopus or a panda or any very very wild animals. You might get to see some insects or birds of prey! I see lots of exciting animals and their homes on my walks. I’ve even swum with fishes off the shore at Ilfracombe and taken a dip in the reservoir.


As you can see I haven’t spent much time inside recently, only to write this blog!


If you fancy giving the challenge a go, take a look here. You might have missed a few days but it doesn’t matter, as long as you give it a try!

Send me your photos and let me know what you discover on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Until next time fiends

R x

P.S My new video will be out today, you can find it here.


Here is last weeks if you missed it!

Wild thing?

Hi fiends! What a lovely week it’s been, I hope you made the most of the bank holiday last week too. Hasn’t June snuck up on us! But making the most of the light evenings is my most favourite thing about this time of year.

I went to Larkstone Family Fun Day and played ball with a few of my fiends over the bank holiday weekend which was great. I also had a very yummy ice cream, that was a bit cheeky.

This morning I was reading the news on my computer and I came across an interesting article about when dogs were domesticated (that means kept as pets). Of course we all know we are descendants of wolves because we look very similar. But the old DNA found in a stone age dog’s bones suggests that maybe us dogs were domesticated at different times across the world.

I couldn’t imagine not living where I do now and not having my own bed. What would it be like to sleep outside all the time? It can be very chilly in Ilfracombe in the winter so I imagine I wouldn’t like it very much. And if I didn’t live with Mummy Fiona who would throw the ball for me?!

Here is my video from last week, I was a bit hungry! I guess that just proves I wouldn’t be very good in the wild, having to fend for myself and things.

Shoes can be very smelly! It was almost as bad as the time I snuck a bit off cheese off of Mum’s plate. What is the most smelly thing you have ever smelt? Let me know on Facebook and I’ll mention it next week… I might even go and smell it myself to see if you’re right.

My new video will be up later, so keep an eye out. And until next week you can keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram too.

Until next time fiends!

R x

Viral Videos and Police Dog Trials

Hi fiends

What have you been up to this week? The weather has not been very nice in North Devon so I’ve been on a few very rainy walks. Some fiends in Ilfracombe even recognised me and came to say hello, which made me very happy.

I laughed and laughed on Friday when I saw the funniest video of a lady trying on a Chewbacca mask. Have you seen it? I think it really suits her and she is so happy… much happier than fancy dress made me when I dressed as an ewok.


At the time of writing her video had over 106 MILLION views. That is lots and lots! My videos don’t get quite that many yet, maybe I should take some tips from her.

I read an article on Belfast Live about the National Police Dog Trials which are coming up on Friday. Working dogs are so amazing! The article talks about how the canines make concise and clear decisions, which is true but I thought that was a bit obvious. I make decisions all the time! Like will I give Mum the ball back? Shall I meet Moja for a walk? Should I steal the last bit of pizza? Normally I make good decisions, but Police Dogs can’t ever make the wrong decision otherwise people can get hurt.

I was pleased they still get to chase bouncy balls after training though. They also live with their handlers so although these dogs might look a bit scarier than me, they are just as loving and well looked after.

My new video will be up on Sunday evening as usual, and you can catch up on any you’ve missed on my YouTube page. Last week’s video was about when I met my neighbours, what do you think I was talking about with Skip?

Anyway, enough from me. It’s briefly stopped raining so I’ll go for a run around in the fresh air before it starts up again.

Until next time fiends,

R x


Bouncy balls and Record Breakers

Hello fiends!

This week I have been enjoying some time off with Mummy Fiona in Ilfracombe. I had another look through my photo albums in my free time and looking at how cute I was when I was little! I have always loved to play catch and fetch with my ball, but it took me a while to get the hang of it as you can see


Now I can chase the ball even when it goes really far… but I need a little help from my fiends.


I also used to find swimming really hard, because the water can be chilly and it makes my fur very wet.

Ragamuffin 1

But now I am almost as good as a fish at swimming, I guess practise makes perfect! Ilfracombe is a great place to live because it is right by the sea.

This week in the news I saw that a sheep dog called Cap sold for lots and lots of money at auction! A new record of £14,805! It was because he was so well bred, I think his dad might have been a champion sheep dog. He is going to be a working dog on a farm. I haven’t asked Mummy Fiona, but I think to her I am worth even more… even though I can’t herd sheep. I can pretend to be Indiana Jones and that is almost better.


If you want to know more about Cap, have a look at this article from the BBC! He is almost as famous as me.

My new video will be up soon. Have you seen the one from last week? What is your most favourite toy? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

Until next week fiends!

R x