Wind Energy and How Every Dog has his Day!

Hello Fiends!

I hope you all celebrated Dogs Day in style this week. I certainly did…


This week in my blog I am going to be looking at solar energy, and in particular wind turbines. This is because I have noticed more and more turbines popping up, and there have been lots of stories about wind farms being built off the coast of Britain! Aunty Jules says she sees them on her journeys quite often and lots of children always ask what they are and how they work!


They use the kinetic energy (that means movement energy) of the wind which turns the blades of the turbine and transfers this energy to a generator which is housed in the centre of the turbine. Of course, this is me making it all much simpler for us all to understand… it is much more complicated than that.


how they work
Courtesy of Pacific Greentech

The wind is produced because of convection currents in the Earth’s atmosphere, which are driven by heat energy from the Sun. As a result of this, the kinetic energy in wind is a renewable resource which is great because it means as long as the Sun is there, we will have it! However, some people don’t like wind turbines because they can be considered an eye sore and when they turn they can be noisy.


My fiend Ellie told me that where she works at Glyndebourne, they have their very own wind turbine. It produces enough power to provide 95% of the energy for Glyndebourne Opera House, which is amazing when you think of all of the energy used in one show alone! Lighting rigs are not cheap to run!


Because of the need to have wind, you find wind turbines in windy places. That is why people want to build them out at sea. I always notice how windy it is down at the beach! This is good too because you can’t see or hear them as much.


Do you have any wind turbines or maybe solar panels near you? I’d love to see some photos of just how HUGE they are! If you’d like to know more about the science behind the turbines, you can take a look here.


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My YouTube Debut!

Hi Fiends

Very exciting news, my own YouTube channel will be going live on Friday 11th March at 4.00 pm.  You will be able to start to see some trailers about my films, The Adventures of Ragamuffin and news about me.

In order to get these ready we were travelling again, as we had to work at Auntie Alexa’s edit suite. Daniel Roche and I had to consult on the script because there were lots of things that Mum had thought I had said but she got it wrong.

Dan & R script

For instance she thought on this picture I was saying ‘I intend to grow up to be a good dog’ but really I said ‘Where’s my supper’, she can be so slow to catch on.

Where's my tea.JPG

In this picture I was appalled when I heard her say ‘No dog of mine will ever be allowed on the furniture’ so I had to put that right immediately and as you’ll see from my films with some intensive training I’m now allowed everywhere. Daniel was great to work with because he understood me immediately, and agreed I was right.

No dog of mine will ever be allowed on the furniture.JPG

It was quite boring in the edit suite for me but fortunately we had some really great walks which meant I could be quite patient with them during the day.  They call it work but all they do is sit in front of the computer and look at videos of me, how on earth can that be work???.  I tell you what work is, having to contend with the puppy, Scooby Doo, and I think it’s very cheeky of him indeed to give me a photo of him sleeping, looking angelic because that was not the case at all, and I’m afraid I had to tell him off quite a few times for being a naughty puppy.


We visited my Uncle David and I got to play on Brighton beach which was very odd because they don’t have sand they have pebbles which are quite difficult to run on and not as comfy as sand.  I was very impressed though the following morning because actual humans were swimming in the sea at 7.00am, you don’t see that in Ilfracombe. I think it’s a great idea and I’m going to try and encourage Mum and her fiends and I’ll see what Moja and Buster say.  Has anyone got any ideas of how I could encourage her please?

As usual it was an adventurous trip but it was good to get home although the hills certainly slow Mum down, I guess it’s because she is so old, still at least she can still throw the ball for me.

Please so look at my YouTube channel, I’d love you to tell me what you think about my up coming films!

Until next time fiends

R x