New Year’s Revolutions

Hello again fiends,

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas. We had a great one; Mum and me were at Uncle David’s with it’s fantastic countryside nearby. Our morning country walks are frosty and foggy though no snow, so far.


Did you see or hear the Queens Speech on Christmas Day? I wondered if she’d been reading my recent blogs as, she was talking warmly about small acts of kindness and we’ve been talking about that a lot in our blogs!!

I will include some pictures of Corgi’s in future ma’am.

It’s nearly New Year’s Eve – a time to reflect on the last year and look forward to the next. Hmm last year…. my run in with that crafty snake sticks in my mind but, all the good fun I’ve had and meeting new fiends top that; making the new films for the second Adventures of Ragamuffin series that you can see on You Tube was brilliant and I’ve made new fiends all round the world via Instagram including; Meg in Wales who looks just like me!! And of course I spent time with my very special fiends here.


Mum and her fiends keep talking about making their New Year’s Resolutions – apparently, you decide things and plans that you’re going to do for the year and stick to them – though it seems a lot of folk only seem to do them until the end of January!?! And these Resolutions can be anything from; not to eat any more cake or pies, giving up that second dry sherry to something very big like a new job or moving house. Think Aunty Jules is going to do the cake one……again.

I heard on the radio a man that made a kindness New Year Resolution; he’s been kind every single day of 2016 and he’s going to do it in 2017 too. That’s brilliant – and he said it can be as simple as taking the time visit someone instead of just a quick hello, that little chat can really cheer someone up.


We’ve all heard in recent days of the many  kind things that the late singer/songwriter George Michael did. He kept those good deeds private because, you don’t need to be showy about what you do. From helping the support children who needed someone to talk to, volunteering at a homeless shelter to helping the campaign against puppy farms – he spread kindness far and wide.


Last year we helped out Pets as Therapy and visited our chosen hospice,  took part in charity walks and the charity show and my fiends and I helped pick up litter and we’ll do tons more things in the next year.

Have a think about what you can do, a tiny gesture to you but, can be huge to others.

Our Resolutions could start a Kindness Revolution!!!


Happy New Year.

Until next time


While shepherds washed their socks…

Christmas greetings fiends


Joyeux Noël, Frohe Weihnachten, Meri Kurisumasu, Felicem Diem Nativitatis, Blithe Yule – these are a tiny selection of those famous greetings from all around the world – you can match them to their country and read all sorts of things about the stories, customs and traditions of Christmas here.


I like; ‘Felicem Diem Nativitatis’ best, which is Latin and hints at the nativity!


I’m playing a shepherd, amongst other parts – a Wiseman and Herod (thankfully, not the donkey), everyone wants to play Joseph but, how could that ever work for one of us fiends!! Paws make it a little tricky to hold small people, even if they are wrapped in swaddling clothes.



There’s a Christmas Carol about the part the shepherds play in the Nativity, here’s the first verse:


While shepherds watched

Their flocks by night

All seated on the ground

The angel of the Lord came down

And glory shone around

And glory shone around

 So, it seems, one dark night, just outside Bethlehem, where the shepherds looked after their sheep, an angel appeared before them and the glory of God shone around them – they jumped, I would have done too. Luckily, the angel said, ‘Don’t be afraid, I have good news for you – today in Bethlehem a Saviour has been born for you. You will find the baby lying in a manger.’


What an amazing experience! When the angel had left, they said; ‘Let’s go to Bethlehem to see what’s happened.’ They headed off and eventually, after asking around as one stable looks much like another, found the baby Jesus lying in a manger and when the shepherds returned to their sheep, they praised God.

Another excellent Christmas carol is the ‘Good King Wenceslas’ one. (Mums have a bit of trouble pronouncing that at Midnight Mass after a couple of dry sherries). Us fiends like the line about ‘the feast of Stephen’ – what was that all about, was it a feast with turkey and those little sausage and bacon things? No – it’s the old-fashioned way of saying; a day that celebrates Saint Stephen. King Wenceslas was a  saintly fella too, the carol tells how he went through the deep snow and freezing weather to help a poor man who had no food or firewood – the gift of food and firewood was ‘a feast’ to the poor man.

You can find all the stories, words and links to singing the Christmas carols here.

Well, fiends I must get back to the Nativity rehearsals, now where’s that tea towel……


Happy Christmas fiends and wishing the whole world a peaceful New Year.


Until next time.



Henry the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Hello again fiends,

We all know Rudolph but, who’s Henry? Another reindeer but, we’ll get to him a bit later.

We only really hear about reindeer at Christmas time – I’ve met a few of the other type of deer at Richmond Park in London  – they are related but, have some differences.


Deer live in meadows, parks and forests, and they’re not really built for heavy snow, they’re a fair bit bigger than me! Reindeer live in very cold places and have much thicker coats and special hooves for walking on ice and snow.


The most famous reindeer is Rudolph of course! He was different too with his famous, very shiny, nose. But, because of that difference he became a real hero.


He lived in the North Pole with Santa. He was a happy and lively fella and loved playing in the snow (which is probably why his nose went red – the cold does that, unless you’re a dog, and it can make your nose run too so, always good to have a tissue in your pocket).

One Christmas Eve, the other reindeer teased him because, his nose was very large and bright red, he looked different. Rudolph was sad that his fiends were laughing and he was afraid that Santa wouldn’t choose him to help pull the sleigh.  He decided to go and see Santa and the Elves anyway, they were always kind to him and never once mentioned his nose.

He helped them wrap and load up the presents – the elves did the selloptape bit as, that’s not easy when you have hooves. When Santa was ready he called the eight reindeer he’d picked to pull the sleigh. Rudolph started to slowly trudge back to his den to watch a Christmas special or film.

The others pranced around as though they were warming up for Strictly Come Dancing, or something just as glittery, and proudly took their places to pull the sleigh. Santa looked around him and noticed how foggy it was. He was a little worried that they wouldn’t be able to see their way as, they didn’t have fog lights and they’d have to miss the Christmas Eve delivery – can you imagine that!?!

Luckily, he spotted Rudolph and he had that very famous idea!


He sang out: Rudolph with your nose so bright –  won’t you pull my sleigh tonight!”

You can sing-a-long to the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song here.

Santa hitched him up to lead the team – everybody cheered, they loved Rudolph and said what a very special fella he was………..even though he was different.


That brings us back to Henry the reindeer – he’s different – he’s wooden and looked stylish though, a little plain for the festive season but, when Auntie Jules fiend Stephanie saw him she knew he could become very special at Christmas too. Using her very, clever florist skills  she bought plain old Henry to life –  now he has pride of place and is the star of a very special Christmas display.

Look how good being different can be!


Until next time


Wat a buzy few weeks…

Thank u evryone fr reeding my blog nd Facebook page.  I’m allso on Twitter nd Instagram. Aunty Ellie iz teaching me sum nu things too do on the computr as Mum sez I’m botom of my class at speling… bt I am top at ball chaseing! Mum sez spelin iz mor importnt, but I disagree. Ellie is introducing me to sumthing calld ‘Spell Check’, so hopefuly I will git a gold star in speling soon to. But its so triky!

I’v had an amasing few weeks.

Mummy sed I needed too send out mi own Christmas card this yr az I am a big boy now nd that I needed to make it miself. Realli! Hav u herd of anythin so ridiculous az a dog makin his own Christmas card?  As mi Uncle David sez to Mummy: “Fiona, Ragamuffin nos he iz a dog… but do you no that he iz a dog?”

Neway, I contactd Aunty Ellie with my predicament az she nos lots of stuf.  She sugested I get mi photo takn and then wiv the help ov a computer I cud put in a bakgrond ov one ov my favrite walks behind me.  I thought of mi fiend Stu and he sed he cud do it, so I went along too Maniac films studio wher he werks and we had such a laff dresing up nd taking fotos. Then we went upstairs nd he showd me how the card wud look and sed I cud say if it woz wat I wanted, I sure did. Wat do you think?

The finished product! Fab isn’t it!

On the Sunday befor Christmas we traveld to Camberley, we stayed in a nic hotel nd went out for lunch wit sum of Mum’s fiends nd we went for a walk and I met a new fiend calld Mia who folowd me arownd and we played nd had a gd time.

Hotel Camberley
Me outside the fancy hotel for dogs.. and people!
Mia and me
Me nd mi new fiend Mia!

On Tuesday we went too our fiends hows where Mum is Godmother to Thomas nd Isobel and I am theyr Dogfather, it’s quite a lot ov responsibility nd they r teachin mee nu gamez.

The next day we traveled too Sandringham wheyr the Queen haz a verry big hows but we did not stay wiv her we stayed wiv Uncle Dick, Aunty Jayne and Cousin George who haz the same naym as Prince George as hiz last name iz Windsor. He sed they were related, but I’m not so sure az he dusn’t look much lyk him… 

He tuk me owt in to the Queen’s gardn nd we played lots.

In HM garden.JPG
“All this fun is exhausting!!”

Christmas Day wos very, very exciting, Mum went to Church with the Royal famly and she cud sea them all. She sed because we beleeve in God it wos very special to sey prays with the Queen nd Mum sed she sed prayers for me and I think it workd cos I had lots ov presentz.  I also met a new fiend Talib who showd me sum new games nd wached sum of my films and likd them. Mum is goin to put them on YouTube in March.

I ave to go now cos Mum is calin me too go for a walk. But I’ll be on Facebook nd Twitter nd Instagram in the mean time, so keep in tuch!

Until next time fiends.