Moore… Sir Roger Moore!

Hi fiends,

We’ve been pretty busy so, had a little break from the blog but , we’re back now.

Fiends have been to stay, visits to people, pals for sleepovers while their mums went away and we’ve been up to London were we visited our favourite restaurant again –  it’s called Joe Allen. It’s brilliant, very dog friendly and they do the most fantastic sausages ever, yes ever!tot.jpg

And it was my birthday!!! We had a great party with our fiends at the Carlton Hotel just up the road from home. Lots of the small fiends wore fancy dress and looked brilliant!

Ragamuffin Birthday card - 1.jpg

I am now four years old…. which sounds a lot more grown-up than three!

Talking of age; who’s old enough to remember the actor Sir Roger Moore in The Saint and the James Bond films? Sadly, he passed away last week as, he’d been ill. He was 89.


We loved him in Ivanhoe, as The Saint and as James Bond – some folk say he was the best 007 as, he added a little touch of humour to the films and he was very suave. I’m not totally sure what ‘suave’ is but, he was it ….. according to the mums!!


We saw Sound Stage 7 – where he used to film The Saint at Elstree Film Studios – there was definitely a scent of suave in the air!


People say he came from humble beginnings… we think he would say he came from a normal family. He once said: “My father believed in toughness, honesty, politeness and being on time. All very important lessons.” We agree!!

Sir Roger was very modest and not at all showy offy – when he was asked about his acting style he was very honest and said he worked to; “You just have to look at the lines, say them, and don’t bump into the furniture.” Which, in my humble acting experience is very true, though in my case; it’s ‘don’t jump onto the furniture’!!

He also did lots of good and kind things outside of acting including; being a voice for animals – he was very against fox, and all animal, hunting and said very tough words about those who went hunting, regardless of who they are.


He was very keen that all children in the world, whatever their background, could have a good chance in life and he thought we should: “Teach love, generosity, good manners and some of that will drift from the classroom to the home and who knows, the children will be educating the parents. Let’s face it, the children who do that are the hope of tomorrow.”

And because of his care and interest for children’s futures he got involved with The United Nations Children’s Fund – known as UNICEF. You can see his activities and more about UNICEF here.


He was very ‘hands on’. The mums say that some famous people have their name connected to good works but, don’t always really help out except; ‘on paper’ or perhaps in the papers!!


Roger Moore wasn’t interested in anything on paper, he wanted to see for himself what it was all about and visited UNICEF projects that help children all over the world including: China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala and he went out and got support and donations to make sure there are more projects.

For all his fantastic work with UNICEF he was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in January 1999, which is just about the best you can get apart from being King…..though, I’m not certain Prince Charles would have been too happy about that! So, the Queen made him a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in June 2003.

And he really was a saint!!

Until next time


A Tail of London

What an exciting week I’ve had we went to see our fiends at Sandringham and my Mum went to Church with the Queen again but I was only allowed to watch from the window in Auntie Jayne’s room.  Mum was very happy because she sat very close to the Queen and watched Her Majesty give out Bibles to the Sunday school children who did a play.

On Monday we went to London to stay with Auntie Pip and Uncle Ewan which is where Mum takes me for a walk in Richmond Park, I love Richmond Park it has lots of deer in it and I think I must look really fierce because the deer run away from me although of course I do not chase them, unlike Fenton who was a very naughty dog.

I made pancakes which I really enjoyed as they were as tasty raw as they were cooked, it’s very hard to toss the pancakes and then catch them in the pan again, Uncle Ewan says it’s an art. I like doing art and can do very clever patterns all over the floors with my paws but I don’t think Mum appreciates it as she runs round after me with a towel and cleans them up which I find a bit hurtful, perhaps in time she’ll understand.

I met my Uncle Matt and he took some photos of me at famous places in London, he is very good at taking photos.

R - londonLondon eye

Mum bought me a Hot Dog, which I think they named after me. I think I look pretty good, what do you think, do you have photos of yourselves where you live? I’d love to see them!

Burger van

We ate at a restaurant called Joe Allen’s which is one of Mum’s favourites and I can see why, they are very, very kind to dogs and it is now one of my favourites too.

I don’t really have much planned for Valentines Day because it has come around so quickly and I have been so busy in London! I hope Moja won’t mind… maybe I should make her a card or something?

Until next time fiends

R x