Bake Off is on!

Hi fiends, how’s it going?

The Paralympics kicked off this week and I’m loving cheering everyone on. Have you been watching? I’ve also been very excited every Wednesday evening because The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens.

I really love watching the show, like most people across the country! Last year’s final had an average of 13.4 million viewers and was the most watched show of 2015. Did you know that every morning the crew bake a Victoria sponge in each oven to check they are all working? That is A LOT of cake!

They also all have to buy their own ingredients, but if someone forgets an ingredient on the morning of filming, they have a runner standing by at a local supermarket ready to save the day.

I have all my ingredients ready to go.

I love watching the technical hallenges because they make really interesting things, like last week when they made dampfnudel and things didn’t go too well for most people. Actually the rest of you really enjoyed that too because it was trending on twitter.

Let the technical challenge BEGIN!
Hmm, yes… this one passes the taste test.

Last years winner, Nadia, even got to make a birthday cake for the Queen! That is really cool. It looked pretty tasty too…


For the first time ever this week, the theme of the show is BATTER! This is something I’m very excited about because I love to bake and cook with batter…



… although its a bit of a pain when it comes to washing up. Thats why it would be good to be on Bake Off because they never have to wash up, the crew do that for them! Although saying that, Mum normally cleans up after me hehe.

Remember (how could you forget!?) to watch the first ever Batter Week Bake Off on Wednesday evening at 8pm on BBC1.

Until next time fiends,

R x

Here Comes Rio 2016!

Hey fiends!

I hope you’ve all been appreciating the technology of Cat’s Eyes while driving about since last week’s blog. I’m looking forward to the week ahead, but I can’t believe that its August this week! July has flown by. I am quite excited though, because this Friday it is the Olympics Opening Ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

rio logo.jpgThis year rugby sevens is included in the games, which is great because it will really increase the profile of the sport and encourage youngsters to take it up! I have always been a rugby fan.

I’m also looking forward to watching the swimming, I have high hopes for team GB! I think I would be good enough to participate, but my butterfly isn’t yet strong enough… and there isn’t a category for dogs at the minute.

Great Britain always tend to do well in the equestrian events, so I’ve been giving that a go too this week.

hose ridI am also hoping that Andy Murray continues his winning streak in the Olympic tennis, sadly there won’t be any ball dogs at that event, only ball boys.



It makes me feel quite nostalgic because the last Olympics were, of course, here in England for the London 2012 games. I was just a twinkle in my mummy’s eyes then, but I have been seeing what I missed out on. The BBC have created a show about the 2012 opening ceremony that is really interesting and moving! You can watch it here.

james bond.gif

And if you fancy swatting up on the last opening ceremony, here are some fun facts from BuzzFeed that you can WOW your fiends with.

Brazil certainly have a tough act to follow… even if I am biased! But I am so looking forward to watching it and cheering on team GB! Who will you be cheering for? Are there any events you are really looking forward to? Do let me know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time fiends,

R x


Viral Videos and Police Dog Trials

Hi fiends

What have you been up to this week? The weather has not been very nice in North Devon so I’ve been on a few very rainy walks. Some fiends in Ilfracombe even recognised me and came to say hello, which made me very happy.

I laughed and laughed on Friday when I saw the funniest video of a lady trying on a Chewbacca mask. Have you seen it? I think it really suits her and she is so happy… much happier than fancy dress made me when I dressed as an ewok.


At the time of writing her video had over 106 MILLION views. That is lots and lots! My videos don’t get quite that many yet, maybe I should take some tips from her.

I read an article on Belfast Live about the National Police Dog Trials which are coming up on Friday. Working dogs are so amazing! The article talks about how the canines make concise and clear decisions, which is true but I thought that was a bit obvious. I make decisions all the time! Like will I give Mum the ball back? Shall I meet Moja for a walk? Should I steal the last bit of pizza? Normally I make good decisions, but Police Dogs can’t ever make the wrong decision otherwise people can get hurt.

I was pleased they still get to chase bouncy balls after training though. They also live with their handlers so although these dogs might look a bit scarier than me, they are just as loving and well looked after.

My new video will be up on Sunday evening as usual, and you can catch up on any you’ve missed on my YouTube page. Last week’s video was about when I met my neighbours, what do you think I was talking about with Skip?

Anyway, enough from me. It’s briefly stopped raining so I’ll go for a run around in the fresh air before it starts up again.

Until next time fiends,

R x


Bouncy balls and Record Breakers

Hello fiends!

This week I have been enjoying some time off with Mummy Fiona in Ilfracombe. I had another look through my photo albums in my free time and looking at how cute I was when I was little! I have always loved to play catch and fetch with my ball, but it took me a while to get the hang of it as you can see


Now I can chase the ball even when it goes really far… but I need a little help from my fiends.


I also used to find swimming really hard, because the water can be chilly and it makes my fur very wet.

Ragamuffin 1

But now I am almost as good as a fish at swimming, I guess practise makes perfect! Ilfracombe is a great place to live because it is right by the sea.

This week in the news I saw that a sheep dog called Cap sold for lots and lots of money at auction! A new record of £14,805! It was because he was so well bred, I think his dad might have been a champion sheep dog. He is going to be a working dog on a farm. I haven’t asked Mummy Fiona, but I think to her I am worth even more… even though I can’t herd sheep. I can pretend to be Indiana Jones and that is almost better.


If you want to know more about Cap, have a look at this article from the BBC! He is almost as famous as me.

My new video will be up soon. Have you seen the one from last week? What is your most favourite toy? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

Until next week fiends!

R x

The Red Carpet!

Hi Fiends


Well, what can I say! A Fantastic week my film launch at Elstree, it was amazing and so many of my lovely fiends came.  Mum, Auntie Pip and I got to the studios at 9.00am to help prepare. I was rather nervous, it being only my second public appearance and to think of all those famous stars who went before me.



It took Mum quite some time to get me ready, I thought I looked fine as I was but you know Mothers, one tiny hair out of place and they go straight for the hairbrush.  I was very flattered to have my own dressing room, I let Mum share it and also George Olney who was our interviewer, Mum made him change his clothes but he didn’t mind, as he was in good company.

See a video of me getting ready here and here!

When it was time to go everybody was there waiting just for me to arrive.

Well I got to walk up the red carpet and Mum said whatever happens don’t pee on it! As if I would! Honestly Mum you can be so embarrassing.

Wow! When we went in everybody clapped and cheered and said my name and I said Hi to some of my fiends. I was really nervous and overwhelmed, so I couldn’t deliver my speech that I worked so hard on but Mum did it for me and said it didn’t matter, lots of famous people get stage fright.  The important thing is to try.

I will show you the actual launch on Sunday and what Daniel Roche had to say!

Until then here is my second video, let me know the strangest thing you have eaten.

Thanks fiends, till next time!

R x

Indiana Bones, Bark Vader and a Doggywok

Hi Fiends

I’ve been showing my countdown pictures this week and last Sunday it was 8 spring lambs but I’m ashamed to say I lost one and that is very bad if you are a sheep dog, however we did eventually find her hidden amongst the sausages and managed to bring her back into the fold.


Yesterday my count down picture was of Mum and me in The Saint’s car, what Mum doesn’t realise is that I really am a Saint.


2 days to go


I’m exhausted as we spent 3 days with Stu at Maniac films and you’ll never guess what she had me doing! She only decided it would be fun to dress me up as characters who appear in the films they make at Elstree Studios, really she gets worse and worse. I was not impressed!

Indiana Bones:



Bark Vaderbark-vader



I didn’t get on very well with R2D2 I’m afraid.

Although I was pleased when I saw the final images and Mum did produce lots of liver treats.

We’ll be tweeting and instagramming, live from my launch on Monday 4th April so please have a look, and check Facebook too… I’ll have lots to tell you next week.

Bye fiends,  till next time!

R x

Chicks, Rabbits and Easter Fun!

Hi Fiends!

I’m working very hard towards my film launch at Elstree and Mum is helping too, we have lots of things to do to get ready.  I thought this week I’d share with you some of the behind the scenes photos of the countdown pictures.

15 days to go was rashers of bacon – well that was one of my favourites.  I pretended not to understand what I must do so Mum had to ask Stu to take the shot lots of times so I got lots of bacon.  I had employed this technique on both the sausage and biscuit shots and found it to be most successful.


To be honest after all that bacon, sausages and biscuits the thought of eating 11 bones was just a little daunting!!


11 days to go

By the time we got onto 10 rabbits I’d no idea what Mum wanted me to do, so I came up with the idea about fat Peter rabbit who got all the radishes.

Then it was time for the chicks, well they wind up and try and come towards you all at once and it’s a bit unnerving so I thought I’d give them a little scare, but they kept a coming.Mum and Stu thought this video was really funny, me not so much.


There is a new trailer this Sunday, then on the 3rd of April my first films comes out and on the 4th its my launch at Elstree with lots of people and dogs. All exciting stuff, I hope you keep an eye out!

Bye fiends, till next time!

R x

The Countdown has Begun…

Hi Fiends…A very busy week!

I went to see my fiend Stu again at Maniac Films and we had to do a photoshoot inside the studio and outside as my Auntie Xenia had this great idea that we should do a count down to my launch at Elstree.

I like Auntie Xenia as everything I do with her involves food.  She was the one that took the photos of me eating sausages at Joe Allen’s! Anyway we started off very well because it involved wrapping me up in 20 sausages which I have to say is one of my favourite ways to start the day.


20-days-bts-small20 days-3

I had to show great restraint mind you, as I wasn’t allowed to eat them till we had taken the photo although honestly, I did nibble a little one in front of my nose when they weren’t looking.  The business cards shoot wasn’t so much fun as I couldn’t play with the ball but I did manage to get a text off to Moja and Buster, who were very jealous.

18 days final-v3

All I can say is it was a good job Buster wasn’t there as he would have run out the door with the string of sausages trailing behind him.  We then moved on to biscuits, dog toys and bacon, well I could get used to this. Auntie Xenia please keep coming up with ideas, I have kept you a sausage as a thank you, although it’s a bit muddy now.

17 days-final

16 days-final

I did manage to get a break from the shoot for lunch where I met with my fiend and we played the fruit machine, but did not win anything.

Fruit machine

We went outside and I had to sit at the bottom of a cliff and Mum threw 19 balls off the top and I had to try and catch them which was brilliant fun.  We had to do it lots of times and I had to run back up the cliff with them so Mum could throw them off again and again as she wasn’t very good at it.   I can’t understand it, it’s not as though I don’t give her plenty of practice.

19 days-resize2

I will tell you about the rest of the shoot next week as some very funny things happened. Now we are getting ready to go off to London again as we have some meetings at Elstree next week.

Goodbye Fiends and please keep watching! Let me know what you think on Facebook!

R x

Wat a buzy few weeks…

Thank u evryone fr reeding my blog nd Facebook page.  I’m allso on Twitter nd Instagram. Aunty Ellie iz teaching me sum nu things too do on the computr as Mum sez I’m botom of my class at speling… bt I am top at ball chaseing! Mum sez spelin iz mor importnt, but I disagree. Ellie is introducing me to sumthing calld ‘Spell Check’, so hopefuly I will git a gold star in speling soon to. But its so triky!

I’v had an amasing few weeks.

Mummy sed I needed too send out mi own Christmas card this yr az I am a big boy now nd that I needed to make it miself. Realli! Hav u herd of anythin so ridiculous az a dog makin his own Christmas card?  As mi Uncle David sez to Mummy: “Fiona, Ragamuffin nos he iz a dog… but do you no that he iz a dog?”

Neway, I contactd Aunty Ellie with my predicament az she nos lots of stuf.  She sugested I get mi photo takn and then wiv the help ov a computer I cud put in a bakgrond ov one ov my favrite walks behind me.  I thought of mi fiend Stu and he sed he cud do it, so I went along too Maniac films studio wher he werks and we had such a laff dresing up nd taking fotos. Then we went upstairs nd he showd me how the card wud look and sed I cud say if it woz wat I wanted, I sure did. Wat do you think?

The finished product! Fab isn’t it!

On the Sunday befor Christmas we traveld to Camberley, we stayed in a nic hotel nd went out for lunch wit sum of Mum’s fiends nd we went for a walk and I met a new fiend calld Mia who folowd me arownd and we played nd had a gd time.

Hotel Camberley
Me outside the fancy hotel for dogs.. and people!
Mia and me
Me nd mi new fiend Mia!

On Tuesday we went too our fiends hows where Mum is Godmother to Thomas nd Isobel and I am theyr Dogfather, it’s quite a lot ov responsibility nd they r teachin mee nu gamez.

The next day we traveled too Sandringham wheyr the Queen haz a verry big hows but we did not stay wiv her we stayed wiv Uncle Dick, Aunty Jayne and Cousin George who haz the same naym as Prince George as hiz last name iz Windsor. He sed they were related, but I’m not so sure az he dusn’t look much lyk him… 

He tuk me owt in to the Queen’s gardn nd we played lots.

In HM garden.JPG
“All this fun is exhausting!!”

Christmas Day wos very, very exciting, Mum went to Church with the Royal famly and she cud sea them all. She sed because we beleeve in God it wos very special to sey prays with the Queen nd Mum sed she sed prayers for me and I think it workd cos I had lots ov presentz.  I also met a new fiend Talib who showd me sum new games nd wached sum of my films and likd them. Mum is goin to put them on YouTube in March.

I ave to go now cos Mum is calin me too go for a walk. But I’ll be on Facebook nd Twitter nd Instagram in the mean time, so keep in tuch!

Until next time fiends.