Brave Mountain Rescue!


It’s been another busy week or so, though pretty quiet on the home front; the fur sisters are behaving and no snakes spotted!

In the big wide world, lots of things have been happening including; National Puppy Day, Mother’s Day, the clocks went forward for Spring, it was World Poetry Day and there was the sad event at Westminster.

When someone does a very bad thing like Westminster it that can feel very scary. The thing to remember is; it’s happening in that one place so, we’re safe where we are. And it’s on the news all the time because, these things don’t happen very often so, they must talk about it much, much more than usual.

The mums said theirs and all our thoughts and prayers are with everybody including, all the ordinary people that helped at such an extraordinary time.

It sometimes helps when bad and sad things happen to think about or look at a good story for a while.

We saw the news about Nell the Collie who’d gone missing near Fort William in Scotland. She’d been gone for 12 whole days. That’s nearly two weeks!! People were thinking that despite being a Border Collie – a hardy dog (of course!)  it might be tough for her as she’s a bit older. Her owner is a Crofter, a local farmer so, at least she was used to the area.


Luckily, Nell the Collie was spotted stuck down Monessie Gorge by someone on a train. Thank goodness, they were looking at the scenery and not Tweetering on their mobile phone. Auntie Jules says; people miss so much by not looking out the train window – on her journey she sees brilliant countryside, deer and all sorts of wildlife every day. And soon she’ll be seeing the Little Egret birds again – imagine missing them for a Tweet!!

To get to Nell the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team used ropes to get down into the gorge and rescue the very cold and hungry dog. She was then hoisted up!! That counts as an adventure in our book – how brave.


The leader of the mountain rescue team said: “…. It is not deep, but you can only get down into it using ropes. But it was a nice quick job. It was over in an hour, and provided a little bit of training for the team. The collie was a bit timid and took a bit of coaxing to come out from where it was and put in harness and brought up the crag…….” We’ve heard Nell was a bit smelly and tired but, none the worse for her experience and got extra biscuits.


All the mountain rescue team are unpaid volunteers, giving their time and expert skills for free – every single day of the year. Brilliant!! More ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  You can read all about them on their Facebook page and  here.


What great news for Nell and her dad. And well done to the LMRT rescue team. Where we live it’s a bit like the highlands but, we have cliffs instead of mountains. Us dogs always stick pretty close to the mums and don’t go too near the edge, do we Buster……. Buster…. Buster……!!

Until next time.

Stay safe


Six Nations Rugby

Hello fiends,

It’s chilly here though, don’t think we’re going to see any big snow I’m three and still haven’t played in ‘proper’ snow. Think the mums are quite pleased it’s not coming this week though.


Nevermind, there’s plenty on the tele today as, the rugby Six Nations Championship is on. It’s the oldest rugby championship in the world, it started back in 1882, I wonder if the mums went to the match. It used to be held between: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, France joined in 1910 and Italy joined in 2000.



It’s difficult to know which team to support as mum and Uncle David have links with Scotland, I’ve got Welsh ancestors and we like Ireland but, of course, it must be England!!


We’re a ‘rugby family’ – Uncle David used to play when he was at school, in the Royal Marines and then for Hong Kong when he lived there. He’s the best player and has the most International caps ever – he made an amazing 55 appearances – I reckon that’s a rugby record!


And next is Cousin Richard, he plays for Loughborough at No.12, they’re brilliant; they just beat Bath and are second in the league thingy…. they could win it!! It looks like my expert coaching and training sessions have really improved Cousin Richard’s game….. wonder if I’ll get a mention when he lifts a cup!! The match against Bath is here and you can see Cousin Richard being interviewed.



Me and my fiends have great fun keeping Uncle David fit and training Cousin Richard; he looks pretty good in the picture below. We play on the beach and at the local rugby club when the proper teams aren’t playing there. They should let Uncle David and Cousin Richard play for them –  they’re legends.



Love doing my agility stuff with mum and us being a little team but, big team games like rugby, football, netball and rounders are brilliant fun too. You make new fiends; with team mates and the coach and supporters too.

Doesn’t matter if you win or lose you’ve got your team mates and everyone is playing towards the same goal (except the opposition of course!!) You all have different skills and putting them all together makes the team. It’s like us fiends really – me and Buster are good at the ‘doing’ type things, Moja is our supporter, Figgle is our runner and Max…… Max is….well, just there really and we love having him around….that’s what we call teamwork.


Loads of local rugby clubs have youth sides and have special games for very young fiends, even some of the big league teams. Have a look at their websites under the ‘Community’ section and they should have details there.

We’re looking forward to cheering England on!!

Until next time